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  1. Please check and double confirm your shopping cart items and delivery address before confirming your order. Strictly no changes after checking out your shopping cart.
  2. Customer is responsible to ensure accurate delivery address entered. If you find out any mistakes, please immediately DM @lattepup_ or Whatsapp us. We will try our very best to check if the item has not been sent out by the courier company, we may still be able to change it for you.
  3. We deliver each order to one delivery address.  
  4. If the packaging seal is opened or damaged, do not accept the parcel.
  5. If you are not at home to receive your purchased order, please contact the courier service company within a stipulated time frame for next deliveries.


  1. All orders are dispatched and delivered by the designated carrier from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays.
  2. Final shipping fee for Malaysia & Singapore is calculated upon checking out your shopping cart.
  3. International deliveries, please Whatsapp your delivery address & the products that you are interested for separate delivery arrangement


  1. Order confirmation and closing cut-off time before 6 pm from Monday to Thursday will be sent out within the next working day.
  2. Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday will be sent out on the following Monday because courier companies do not perform parcel pick-up on these days.
  3. Delivery lead time for orders to arrive :-
    • Peninsular Malaysia : 3 - 5 business working days.*
    • East Malaysia & the rest of the world : subject to courier partner timeline*

*subject to courier service’s changes as per shown upon when you check out the shopping cart from our website.


  1. 在确认您的订单之前,请检查并再次确认您的购物车项目和送货地址。检查您的购物车后,绝对没有任何变化。
  2. 客户有责任确保输入的送货地址准确无误。如果您发现任何错误,请立即 私信我们 @lattepup_ 或 Whatsapp 。我们将尽最大努力检查快递公司是否未寄出该物品,我们仍然可以为您更改。
  3. 我们将每个订单交付到一个交付地址。
  4. 如果包装封条被打开或损坏,请不要接受包裹。
  5. 如果您不在家接收您购买的订单,请在规定的时间范围内联系快递服务公司以进行下一次交货。


  1. 所有订单均由指定承运人于周一至周五发货和交付,周末和公共假期除外。
  2. 最终运费是在检查您的购物车时计算的。
  3. 国际送货,请私信我们的 IG 或 Whatsapp 您的地址和您有兴趣的产品单独送货安排到您的位置以手动创建订单。


  1. 周一至周四下午6点前的订单确认和截止时间将在下一个工作日内处理。
  2. 周五、周六、周日的订单将在下周一发出,因为这几天快递公司不进行包裹取件。
  3. 订单到达的交货时间:-
    • 马来西亚西马:3 - 5 个工作日。*
    • 东马和世界其他地区:以快递合作伙伴时间表为准*

* 根据您从我们的网站上查看购物车时显示的快递服务变化而定。

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