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For Furry Friends products are originated & made in Singapore. They offer many products range with 100% Electrolyzed Water which does not contain any harmful chemicals that made their products the perfect solution for dogs & cats. 1)100% safe and natural ingredients 2) Easy to use 3) Chemical and alcohol free 4) Safe on sensitive skin 5) Eliminate bacteria, virus and odour 6) Relieves skin irritation 7) Multipurpose & suitable for pets of all ages PET'S WELLNESS MADE SIMPLE

Being 100% pure electrolyzed water product ~ without water impurities and 0 side effect from water such as yeast infection and bacteria infection. *Normal water content is actually the root cause to many skin problems in humid countries like Malaysia All the products are using the same Japan technology's electrolyzed water but different product functions have different need of cleaning power. Refer above chart, for example ~ only 2 products that can use directly on our furkids' body are the P.A.W.S and Ear Cleaner Solutions while the rest are mean for household cleaning purposes.

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