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  • LattePup - Yellow to Snow White

    Yellow to Snow White

    Troubled with yellowish beard or stains around mouth area on your furkids? They are normally caused by saliva or food enzyme which will turn the fur yellowish/brownish. These enzymes will be tough to remove by just using water or normal wet wipes. Our Pet's Activated Water Sanitizer (P.A.W.S) can do the perfect task in cleaning their face, mouth or even eyes area.

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  • LattePup - Paws Infection

    Paws Infection

    Most furkid chewing or biting their own paws is not normal, it may be mild skin infection and if left untreated, it will be extremely bad. With the right cleanliness routine and skin care routine using For Furry Friends products, it will recover quickly by using them daily. All natural, no chemical, safe products.

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  • LattePup - Say No to Dirty Toys

    Say No to Dirty Toys

    Troubled with your furkids' yucky toys and ever think of what is safe to be used for washing them? For Furry Friends Toy & Fabric cleaner is the most effective dirt remover and safe with totally 0% chemical.

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